We encourage everyone to develop an intentional and life‑giving routine of prayer, and to become involved in the prayer life of the Benefice. We support this by organising prayer events: quiet days, prayer days, a week of guided prayer, individual guidance on prayer, teaching on public and private prayer, and opportunities to pray regularly with and for others. There is a strong home‑group tradition within the Benefice, with meetings throughout the week for Bible study and prayer. The healing ministry plays an important part in the life of all three churches, with special services each month and regular times of prayer.


Click here for Archbishop Justin Welby's lecture on 'The risk of prayer', focusing on the renewal of prayer and why we should pray.

Prayers of the Month

Invocation for Lent


Into a dark world

a snowdrop comes

a blessing

of hope and peace

carrying within it

a green heart

symbol of God’s renewing love.


Come to inhabit our darkness

Lord Christ

For dark and light

are alike to you.


May nature’s white candles of hope

remind us of your birth

and lighten our journey

through Lent and beyond.


Kate McIlhagga

published in The Pattern of our Days, Wild Goose Publications, 1996



Almighty God,

bring to us new insights this Lent,

so that in our worship and daily practice

we grow closer to you.

Let us for once put aside selfishness

and let your son’s selflessness draw us to him.

In learning what we miss

may we also learn what we really need,

neighbours, friends, and families,

as well as our neighbours across the world,

part of your family of humankind,

all made in your image.

Grant us the gift of peace

in the midst of the world’s busyness.



Rupert Bristow

from 999 Prayers, Kevin Mayhew, 2015






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