We encourage everyone to develop an intentional and life‑giving routine of prayer, and to become involved in the prayer life of the Benefice. We support this by organising prayer events: quiet days, prayer days, a week of guided prayer, individual guidance on prayer, teaching on public and private prayer, and opportunities to pray regularly with and for others. There is a strong home‑group tradition within the Benefice, with meetings throughout the week for Bible study and prayer. The healing ministry plays an important part in the life of all three churches, with special services each month and regular times of prayer.


Click here for Archbishop Justin Welby's lecture on 'The risk of prayer', focusing on the renewal of prayer and why we should pray.

Ignatian Prayer

Be still and know that I am God
(Psalm 46.10)


St George’s Church welcomes you to their contemplative prayer sessions, a gentle introduction to some of the prayer encouragements shared by St Ignatius of Loyola.

Ignatius lived in the 16th century and, after a major injury in war, had a life transformation in being drawn into the knowledge and awareness of the love of God. Thereafter he committed his life to encouraging others to find their way to be open to the grace of God, through ways of praying and through drawing near to the life of Jesus in every detail.

In this series we explore different ways of praying, taking space and time to draw alongside Jesus. These prayer times are open to everyone who desires to receive from God through prayer. The work of prayer is not our striving but God’s grace, so we come together, wherever we feel we are with God, to be open and to ask for His grace.

The series takes place monthly on Saturdays from 9.30am to 10.30am starting in December 2018. Please contact the Benefice Administrator for further details.

Prayers of the Month

‘Those who wait for God shall renew their strength.’

                                                    Isaiah 40.31

You are above me, O God,

you are within.

You are in all things

yet contained by no thing.

Teach me to seek you in all that has life

that I may see you as the Light of life.

Teach me to search for you in my own depths

that I may find you in every living soul.


J Philip Newell, Sounds of the Eternal: A Celtic Psalter, The Canterbury Press 2002




God of silence,

even in the noise of our lives,

feed my still centre

as we glimpse the infinity of space and time.

Create in me a yearning heart

for the insights and understanding

of careful reflection,

and help me to hold on to the fruits of reflection,

even where I am under pressure – especially when I am under pressure.


Thank you, Lord.



Rupert Bristow, Only Connect, Kevin Mayhew, 2009

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