We encourage everyone to develop an intentional and life‑giving routine of prayer, and to become involved in the prayer life of the Benefice. We support this by organising prayer events: quiet days, prayer days, a week of guided prayer, individual guidance on prayer, teaching on public and private prayer, and opportunities to pray regularly with and for others. There is a strong home‑group tradition within the Benefice, with meetings throughout the week for Bible study and prayer. The healing ministry plays an important part in the life of all three churches, with special services each month and regular times of prayer.


Click here for Archbishop Justin Welby's lecture on 'The risk of prayer', focusing on the renewal of prayer and why we should pray.

Prayers of the Month

Thank you


Thank you

For the times you came to me

when I least expected it

In the helpful image,

the comforting word,

the holy moment,

When what we shared together

became your sacrament

of grace and love.


Thank you

For the people you sent

when I needed them most

For the insight,

the touch,

the smile,

that showed what God was like.


Thank you

For the wonder you shared

when I thought I knew you

or could explain you

or offer you to others,

and learned again

of mystery

and depth

and your unfathomable being,

gathering everything up,

and me!

in love

for you.


Thank you

For life,

for being,

for love,

for you,

for me.


Thank you

For this.

Tom Gordon, A Need for Living, Wild Goose Publications, 2001

Heavenly Father,

as we thank you for your gifts,

let us love you with our hearts.

As we love you in our hearts,

let us know you in our soul.

Give us strength to so take you into our lives

that we show you in our approach to others.

Give us the desire to so show you in our actions

that we transmit your love and extend your kingdom.


Rupert Bristow, Prayers for inclusion and diversity, Kevin Mayhew, 2012

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