We encourage everyone to develop an intentional and life‑giving routine of prayer, and to become involved in the prayer life of the Benefice. We support this by organising prayer events: quiet days, prayer days, a week of guided prayer, individual guidance on prayer, teaching on public and private prayer, and opportunities to pray regularly with and for others. There is a strong home‑group tradition within the Benefice, with meetings throughout the week for Bible study and prayer. The healing ministry plays an important part in the life of all three churches, with special services each month and regular times of prayer.

Prayers of the Month

Lord God, early in the morning


Lord God,

Early in the morning,

when the world was young.

You made life in all its beauty

and terror,

You gave birth to all that we know

Hallowed be your name.


Early in the morning,

When the world least expected it,

A newborn child crying in a cradle

announced that you had come among us,

That you were one of us.

Hallowed be your name.


Early in the morning,

surrounded by respectable liars,

religious leaders,

anxious statesmen

and silent friends,

you accepted the penalty for

doing good,

for being God:

you shouldered and suffered the cross.

Hallowed be your name.


Early in the morning,

a voice in a guarded graveyard

and footsteps in the dew

proved that you had risen,

that you had come back

to those and for those

who had forgotten, denied and destroyed you.

Hallowed be thy name.


This morning,

In the multi- coloured company

of your Church on earth and in heaven,

we celebrate your creation,

your life,

your death and resurrection,

your interest in us;

so we pray,

Lord, bring new life,

where we are worn and tired;

new love

where we have turned hard-hearted;


where we feel hurt

and where we have wounded;

and the joy and freedom

of your Holy Spirit.

Where we are prisoners of ourselves.


Wild Goose Resource Group, Wild Goose Publications, 1998


Easter Day



We give thanks for this new dawn

In the story of humanity,

your creation, Lord.

Tou have brought back your only son

from the death inflicted by those he came to save.

As we rejoice in his resurrection

let us commit ourselves anew

to see your hand in the hope

that radiates out from this great event.

Like Mary in the garden,

may we glory in the ordinary,

glimpse eternity in a small flower.

Great is the day that you have made,

Lord, for us all.

Rupert Bristow, Sunday Intercessions, Kevin Mayhew, 2010

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