Services in the three churches

Due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, services in the Benefice have previously been suspended. However, as the government roadmap enables progression out of lockdown, the churches have now re-opened for a reduced number of services.


The lists below show the current pattern of Sunday and Weekday services held in each of the three parish churches. Social distancing applies for all services and face coverings should be worn.


Additional virtual services (see bottom of this page) will continue until further notice.


As the actual services may vary, particularly near to major Christian festivals, e.g. Easter and Christmas, please use the mini-Calendar alongside for more accurate information on services on particular dates.


Last updated on 17 June 2021

St George's

Sunday 10.00am
Eucharist (1st Sun)
Eucharist (2nd Sun)
Eucharist (3rd Sun)
All-age café-style service (4th Sun)
Sunday 6.00pm
Evening Prayer (3rd Sun)

Holy Trinity

Sunday 8.00am
Holy Communion
Sunday 10.30am
Eucharist (1st Sun)
Eucharist (2nd Sun)
Eucharist (2nd Sun)
Choral Eucharist (4th Sun)
Sunday 6.30pm
Choral Evensong

St Paul's

Sunday 10.30am
Eucharist (1st Sun)
Eucharist (2nd Sun)
Morning Prayer (3rd Sun)
Eucharist (4th Sun)
Sunday 6.00pm
Evening Prayer (1st Sun)
1.00pm Sparrows (Thu)

NOTE Where there is a 5th Sunday in a month, please view the mini-Calendar above to discover the services on that date.

Virtual services

The following are continuing until further notice:

  • Virtual Morning Prayer (Monday) and Compline (Saturday), which are available either through the webcasts page, or via the Benefice YouTube channel.
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